Grifty Shades of Fey: Cautionary Tales Uncovering the Dark Side of the Fair Folk



These aren’t your run-of-the-mill happy fairy tales. These are cautionary tales. The short stories within are warnings all about otherworldly conniving creatures—the Fey, Fair Folk, Fairies, and how they interact with us mere mortals. When it comes to the Fey, we don’t pretend to understand their reasoning, we just know they don’t have our best interest at heart… if they have hearts.

With brand new stories of darkish whim by:

  • David Farland
  • A.J. Benson
  • Clayton Snyder
  • David Boop
  • Johnny Worthen
  • J.D. Mankowski
  • Kevin Nielsen
  • Martin L. Shoemaker
  • Michaelbrent Collings
  • Patti Larson
  • Sarah A. Hoyt
  • Nathan Throop
  • Lehua Parker
  • Rafael Hohmann
  • Caias Ward

Grab this fantastical volume before the pixies grab you!

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