Leto’s Children: Book 1 of the Leto Trilogy



Dark web hacker, Ezrie Collings, and her father developed a prototype for a revolutionary technology—The Black Door, a teleportation device that makes faster-than-light travel possible around the world and opens up limitless possibilities for interplanetary exploration.

But when Ezrie’s father dies before the device is complete, his student and Ezrie’s mentor, Marcus Olet, rebrands the invention as his own and deletes Ezrie and her father from the history books.

Now an adult, Ezrie demands justice. When she receives a distress call from Marcus on the remote mining planet of Leto, she is willing to risk her life to take his.

Upon arrival, Ezrie finds that Marcus is missing, his crew driven mad by an unseen alien presence. And when someone destroys their only way back home, Ezrie must choose between saving herself and her team or going into the wilderness to find him.

In a world of dangerous technology, religious and political sabotage, and dangers unknown, Ezrie will face her greatest fears on Leto.

From the press that brought you Mother: Tales of Love and Terror comes the first full-length science fiction horror novel from Willow Dawn Becker.

Join Ezrie and her crew  as she searches for vengeance and finds humanity on Leto‑where nothing ever really dies.

Come to Leto if you dare. Leave if you can. Read the first chapter here.

Pages: 450

Content: Science Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-7378918-3-3

Size: 6″ x 9″ Trade Paperback

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